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Nurse Promotion

December 7, 2017
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Nurse Honour desperately needs a promotion. She has her heart set on one but the senior Doctor has other ideas. She persuades him with her mouth, lips and tongue until she takes a massive load of jizz all over her beautiful face. She is so turned on by the cum dripping down her face that she plays with her clit until she has an earth shattering orgasm. Plenty of CUM in her hair in this one :)

  • User: Facialfan999 December 7, 2017

    I like this girl more and more. She is a great fit for this site. Very pretty face, and it appears that she loves cum all over her face. Good scene here. A little more dirty talk would have made it better, but it is good all the same. I do have one bone to pick with the site. You guys are showing a still of Honour May on your main page, for a scene that has not yet been released. Heck, it is not even in the upcoming scenes queue. It looks like an AMAZING scene, and it is cruel for you to dangle that in front of us as if it is a video that is already posted. I do have a positive note to leave though-Kudos to you guys for posting the upcoming Chantelle Fox scene out of nowhere! It looks amazing!!

  • User: CumPerfection December 7, 2017

    Thanks for the feedback. Yes there is an amazing facial on Honour which we are showing on the home page but we just couldn't not show it to you all. It's one of the biggest facials we have ever seen! It will be live on the site early 2018.

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