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Diagnosis Hyperspermia

August 14, 2014
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Elliot fancies the pants off sexy nurse Kiki at the clinic. He trawls the internet looking for a malady so he can get his cock out in front of her. He finds Hyperspermia, a very real condition where patients have far too much ejaculate. He explains to Kiki what he thinks is wrong and obviously she has to see it. Elliot pretends that he can???t make himself cum without her help. Kiki then ???helps??? him to cum all over her face, entirely blocking her right nostril with a dollop of thick, white cum before she announces that he may well have Hyperspermia after all. It???s a real condition??_ look it up??_ if YOU have it please contact us!

  • User: dirtydave79 August 16, 2014

    another great vid dude thanks for this mate

  • User: nexus02 September 28, 2014

    if only you did a nylon focused site... it'd be awesome.

  • User: roseb December 4, 2014

    a truly proper facial - on such a pretty face! Only wish she had gotten a bit more in her mouth and swallowed. Loved the drip onto her tit - gorgeous!

  • User: GNF09 December 6, 2014

    this girl certainly knows how to suck a cock. where is her clinic???

  • User: McFrosty March 24, 2015

    What a beauty she is, and perfect facial too. Awesome!

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