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Models / Gigi Rouge

Avg Rating: 4.9

Gigi Rouge Vital Stats:
hair:  Redhead
ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Petite
bestfeature:  Blowjob Expert
datejoined:  11 November 2021
twitter:  @littlegigi79

It's not just Gigi's flame red hair that is stunning, her face, figure and personality are too!
Originally from Wales, the 5"7 babe now lives in south west England and earns her money webcamming and modelling.
Her gym-toned body is in high remand, along with her luscious lips - renowned for giving the best blowjobs!
On top of that she is very submissive and says she loves being degraded with a huge load of cum being dumped on her face!
Gigi Rouge Updates

Try This On
Gigi Rouge August 24, 2023
As secretary to a lingerie company Gigi's boss often asks her to try lingerie on. As usual he lets her keep the outfit in return for her working his cock until he glues her eyes shut with his heavy, thick load. Listen to what makes Gigi feel like a slut in her BTS.
Maid For A Facial
Gigi Rouge June 22, 2023
Cedric takes full advantage of his maid Gigi's ass, rubbing her pussy and gently spanking her. Gigi returns the favour on her knees worshipping his cock and balls with her hands, tongue and mouth until he rewards her by shooting his heavy load all over her waiting face. Hear what Gigi wants from you...
Swimming In Cum
Gigi Rouge April 20, 2023
Gigi has a swimming lesson and before going to the pool he gets Gigi to swim on a bench. Her cute body has him rubbing his cock while Gigi's pussy rubs the bench and there is only one outcome as she introduces his cock to her tonsils and gets a thick, sticky load of ball juice splashed across hr face....
Burglar Fuck
Gigi Rouge July 21, 2022
Gigi is relaxing at home when a masked burglar bursts in. He decides to take more than just her stuff and proceeds to use her holes for his own satisfaction. He then empties the contents of his condom into her waiting mouth.
College Girl Bukkake
Gigi Rouge May 26, 2022
College girl Gigi is in detention writing "I must not be a slut" 100 times. Her teacher decides to see what a slut she really is and calls the boys in to drown her face and naked body with their cum. Listen how having that much cum all over her face makes her feel in the BTS.
Fancy Dress Mistake
Gigi Rouge April 28, 2022
Gigi and her boyfriend are at a fancy dress party. Her "boyfriend" finds her in an upstairs room and they have mad passionate sex until he shoots his wad all over her pretty face. He prepares to leave and removes his mask giving Gigi the shock of her life. Learn Gigi's intimate fantasies in a great BTS....
Paint My Face
Gigi Rouge January 13, 2022
Gigi has hired a life model for her erotic sketches. Trouble is for this sketch she needs him fully hard. So she sets about making him as hard as she can with her hand, lips, tongue and mouth until he spews his huge load all over her face. There is so much cum that it glues her eyes shut! Listen to her...
Shoplifter Slut
Gigi Rouge November 11, 2021
Gigi has been caught shoplifting by the security guard. Worried that she is hiding something in her pussy he stuffs his cock up there to see. Finding nothing he lays her on her back and empties his thick load into her open mouth. Having satisfied himself with her young body he gallantly deletes the security...