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Models / Honour May

Avg Rating: 4.8

Honour May Vital Stats:
hair:  Brunette
ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Toned
bestfeature:  Posh Accent
datejoined:  17 August 2017
twitter:  @Honour_May18

Honour May is a young Cheshire rose with a little posh accent and a big heart. She also happens to be a professional adult and art nude model!
The elegant 22-year-old is 5"7 tall and has a gorgeous 32-25-35 figure with all natural C cup tits.
She is bi-sexual and regularly goes swinging with her boyfriend to satisfy her high sex drive and love of cum!
Honour May Updates

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Backache Facial
Honour May May 2, 2024
Matt sees Dr May complaining of bad backache. Dr May decides his balls are so full and heavy they are straining his back so she sets about emptying them all over her face. Having a thick wad all over her face makes her so horny she twists her clit to a toe curling orgasm.
Naked At Home
Honour May November 16, 2023
Honour is staying at her Aunt's place. Introducing herself to the student also staying she tells him she likes to walk around naked. Wanting to ease the sexual tension she introduces his cock to her tonsils until he dumps one of the thickest, whitest loads all over her face, so thick it glues her eyes...
Honour May September 23, 2021
Honour has been Bridesmaid at her Sister's wedding. After the wedding she finds her sister in full wedding dress blowing her husband and taking his cum on her face. Strangely turned on Honour rushes home as she wants the same. She munches her Boyfriends cock with all her skill until he spews a torrent...
Lockdown Flatmate Facial
Honour May August 6, 2020
Honour is lamenting to a friend that she has had no cum whatsoever since lockdown started. She has an idea and calls her flatmate and asks him to cum on her face. He doesn't need much persuasion and soon she is on her knees introducing his dick to her tonsils. With a hot load of creamy cum on her face...
Messy Cleaner
Honour May June 4, 2020
Honour's usual cleaner has been replaced by a guy. Honour is convinced that women make better cleaners than men. This leads them to argue about what men are better at. "Facials" he replies. Honour tells him to prove itand is soon stripped off on her knees and blowing him with gusto. Once he has dumped...
Office Christmas Facial
Honour May December 19, 2019
Honour and her boyfriend are off to a fancy dress bash. He is not much enamoured with the outfit she has chosen for him. She persuades him with her mouth, sucking him until he blows an enormous load all over her face and eyes. With the feeling of that huge load dripping from her face she jills herself...
Lady Voyeurs Temptation
Honour May January 17, 2019
Honour is filming for On this site girls strip off while the guy plays with himself. NO touching either way is allowed but when Honour sees this fab cock the temptation to touch and suck is just too much. One of the best facials on the site IMO and listen to how filthy Honour is becoming...
Horsey Girl Facial
Honour May October 18, 2018
Honour is shocked to learn that Daddy hasn't paid her livery invoice. She will do anything to keep her darling horse there including sucking off the stable manager and taking his large load of hot cum all over her face. Hear what Honour does in real life with Horses in a great and illuminating BTS.
Crazy Karate Cumshot
Honour May July 12, 2018
Honour is desperate for her Karate Black Belt. So desperate she seduces her third Dan instructor and earns her Black Belt with her mouth and tongue. It's not long until she has a complete face full of his gooey white cum. It so turns her on that with it still coating her pretty upperclass face she plays...
Daddy's Best Friend
Honour May April 5, 2018
Honour has always wanted a really heavy load on her face. Her boyfriend has tried but his load is too small. When her Daddy's best friend calls round she wastes no time and gets down and dirty with him until he unleashes probable the biggest single load in the world all over her face. Truly a one man...

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